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Our People

At our mill in Heeswijk-Dinther, we are dedicated to lovingly and expertly making the best breakfast cereal products you can buy. Everyone in our close-knit enthusiastic team works tirelessly looking after our products because we genuinely care about the food you eat.



Johnny is samen met zijn collega Ted verantwoordelijk voor het hart van ons bedrijf: de pletterij. In het oudste en meest authentieke pand van de Halm halen ze het beste uit onze mooie machines. Hier is vakmanschap voor nodig. Een opleiding tot graanpletter is er niet en het duurt zeker een jaar om dit werk goed in de vingers te hebben.

Het is daarom fijn dat Johnny zijn kennis en gevoel voor deze machines deelt met jonge mensen die het vak willen leren.


Dave & Leon

Dave and Leon are literally and figuratively a super-strong team. They do a vast amount of heavy lifting work together. They work together in precise coordination to mix the finest grain, seed, nut and dried fruit ingredients to make the best-tasting breakfast cereals and crunchy mueslis.

Dave and Leon also play an important role in the quality assurance of our products. Together with our quality masters Alex and Susanne, they test the aroma, colour and taste of our products before they are packed. This is an essential aspect of guaranteeing product quality.



Rinke is responsible for ensuring that all our great-tasting organic products are optimally packed in bags. He works closely with Jan, Joeri, Thomas, Karin, Rianne and Lidy, who also keep an eye on food safety. We use biodegradable foil for our new packaging. We have experimented with and invested in different types of foil packaging for years.

Because every type of foil behaves differently, our packing masters have to possess the specialist knowledge, skills and finesse needed to be able to use them optimally.