Lemon Ginger Crunchy



Our crunchies are super crispy and a great way to start the day. This mix of organic crunchy cereals with lemon and ginger has a deliciously fresh and full flavour. It is sweetened with wheat syrup and 100 per cent organic. And another bonus: it takes almost no time to prepare! Simply stir a few spoonfuls in yoghurt or milk for an ultra-tasty breakfast!

Calories1794,0 kJ / 428,4 Kcal
Fats12,9 g
Saturates 5,4 g
Carbohydrates 67,4 g
Sugars 15,5 g
Fibre5,1 g
Protein7,8 g
Salt0,051 g

rye, wheat, barley, wheat syrup, oat flakes, rice flour, palm fat not hardened, wheat flour, wheat bran, 0.4% lemon oil, 0.4% ginger.

May contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanuts, soy, corn and milk.

450 gram.

Lemon Ginger Crunchy

SINDS 1977

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