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Flakes & Fruits Cranberry Kokos

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If you like a filling nutritious breakfast, we can warmly recommend our organic Flakes & Fruits. The flakes are made from spelt – a primitive, but hardy form of wheat. They also contain a really delicious and surprising combination of tangy cranberries and tropical coconut. A couple of spoonfuls in yoghurt or milk are all it takes to make a heavenly breakfast.

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SPELTmeel, 12% kokosnoot, rietsuiker, 6% cranberries, maisglucosepoeder, zeezout, zonnebloemolie.

Kan sporen van noten, soja, pinda, mais en melk bevatten.

300 Gram

Not organic


Nutritional values per 100 gram

Energetische waarde1861.5 kJ / 444.6 Kcal
Vetten10.1 g
Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren6.9 g
Koolhydraten72.2 g
Waarvan suikers13.7 g
Vezels10.3 g
Eiwitten11.1 g
Zout0.948 g