Between all the different muesli variations that are available, ‘plain’ sometimes makes a nice change. Our ‘plain’ organic muesli is made from nothing but a selection of the very best ingredients, such as barley, rye, wheat and buckwheat flakes, raisins, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and sunflower oil. Heavenly with fresh fruit or nuts in a bowl of yoghurt or milk! And so wonderfully simple!

Calories1505,3 kJ / 359,5 Kcal
Fats5,2 g
Saturates0,5 g
Carbohydrates64,5 g
Sugars11,0 g
Fibres9,9 g
Protein9,2 g
Salt0,025 g

barley flakes, rye flakes, wheat flakes, oat flakes, raisins, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, buckwheat, sunflower oil.

May contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanuts, soy, corn and milk.

750 Grams

SINDS 1977

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