Granola – low in sugar


Sugar is more often than not seen as bad for you. Within most granolas the level of sugar is very high. We present the answer: a granola, low in sugar with less than 5 grams of suger per 100 grams.

Our granolas do not contain added sugars, are 100% organic, vegan and produced without palm oil.

Energy1865kJ / 443 kCal
Fats30,4 g
of which saturated fats2,9 g
Carbohydrates13,2 g
of which sugars4,6 g
Fiber24,4 g
Protein21,0 g
Salt0,02 g

SOY flakes, linseed, extruded SOY protein, HAZELNUTS, inulin, apple paste, OATflakes, sunflower seeds, WALNUTS, sunflower oil, OAT fiber.

May contain traces of peanut, nuts and milk.

SINDS 1977

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